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Academic Life

St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School was chartered in 1955 to give a religious foundation for learning and to provide personal attention in small classes. As a ministry and mission of St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, the School is an integral part of the community of Lufkin. The present facilities are located on a 15-acre tract adjacent to the church.

Saint Cyprian’s Episcopal School continues to provide an active, challenging, positive educational environment in which new exciting programs are initiated and existing programs are enhanced. St.Cyprian’s Episcopal School can meet this challenge because of small classes, the availability of individual instruction, and a superior teaching staff. St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School is recognized by the Texas Education Agency, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools.


Our preschool provides a loving, joyful environment focused on the whole child. Our program is designed to foster the spiritual, social, cognitive, and physical development of each student. Our preschool is staffed by nurturing, certified, experienced teachers who have a heart for children. Our staff works hard to create an engaging learning experience that builds the foundation of academic readiness for our students.


The nurturing that begins in our preschool continues into the elementary school division with our attentive and knowledgeable certified teachers who are specialists in furthering students’ interest and dedication to learning. Each student is given the tools and support to grow to his or her potential and is provided with life-long skills to develop self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning. The SCES community encourages students to work progressively, collaboratively, and purposefully. In this setting, students can make connections between their past knowledge and new skills and information and begin to think critically. In our elementary school, our activities work in concert with one another. Academics, learning excursions, authors’ presentations, ,student performances, service learning projects, and more are developed with the idea of providing a variety of experiences to cultivate high-level thinking skills and promote social skills.

Middle School

In providing a rigorous setting, we enjoy the vigor of middle school students coupled with their evolving stage of added independence. This reality creates a dynamic learning environment where children face new standards for learning. The middle school environment helps students process information and think critically. During these important years, the aim is to produce young leaders who are self-directed and intellectually curious. Ultimately, we endeavor to ensure students evidence the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes necessary to venture into high school, understanding their individual gifts. In their classrooms, middle school students encounter certified teachers who care not only about their academic strength, but also, their continued advancement as young people. As a result, the middle school teachers build trusting relationships with students as they encourage them and foster their growth academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, behaviorally, physically, and civically. Ensuring the students possess relevant, skills and habits of mind round out the broad goals of a SCES  experience.

Dyslexia Therapy

The Father John Caskey Dyslexia Center is staffed by certified academic language therapists trained at Neuhaus Education Center. Therapists incorporate individualized one to one instruction in an Alphabetic Phonics based program 5 days/week, 45 minutes-1 hour/day. Our program is a highly structured, multi-sensory system of teaching the functions of writing, spelling, reading comprehension, and oral and written expression.

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Preschool Language Program

Preschool students identified with a language development delay are served through our Preschool Language Program. Partnership with the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and Stephen F. Austin State University makes possible this program of intervention to help children acquire skills to be kindergarten ready after instruction and practice in a classroom taught by an SLP-CCC.

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Enrichment Classes

Adding to the value of a private school education are our daily enrichment classes offered to all students. Our enrichment teaching staff brings a rich quality to our educational community.


Our visual arts program at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School exposes children to the role art plays in our lives. From self-portraits, street scenes, still-life, landscapes, weaving and sculpting, our students have the opportunity to express themselves in a wide variety of mediums and opportunities for experimentation. The art program is limited only by a child’s creativity.


St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School embraces the arts! We believe children should be exposed to music of all cultures and given the opportunity to sing, dance, and experiment with instruments, rhythms and sounds. The music curriculum, which is based on the TEKS, provides students with meaningful learning and performing experiences. Students become familiar with standard music terminology and rhythmic and melodic notation through singing and playing a variety of age-appropriate instruments such as recorders, guitars and percussion instruments. Students learn to relate music to history, society, and culture. Making a joyful noise is what our music program is all about!

Physical Education

St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School’s Physical Education program encourages students to value an active lifestyle, sportsmanship and team spirit.. We emphasize aerobic fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility in activities that ensure all students can participate fully. We utilize a wide range of physical activities and sports-related skills. Classes provide students with the basics for competitive sports when they are developmentally ready.

Environmental Sciences

Our Environmental Science classes implement hands-on investigative activities for all students.. Curriculum is based on Project Learning Tree, Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood, Project Wild, Growing Up Wild, Project WET, Flying Wild, and STEAM based activities. We offer students many opportunities to recycle, reduce, and reuse items on our campus. This focus has led to the school earning a Green School designation. The school also is national Keep America Beautiful Certified Campus. The Outdoor Learning Center includes raised garden beds, a meadow, wetlands, fruit trees, bulb garden, butterfly garden, sitting areas, and wildlife habitats. There are many lessons learned here that better prepare our children for the future.


Our Spanish Program at St. Cyprians is for all children from Pre-k 3 to 8th grade. We believe all children should be offered an opportunity to be introduced to another language. Using age appropriate activities such as books, songs, technology and play students will learn basic Spanish skills related to listening, speaking, reading, and writing through various projects, field trips, and opportunities to put their Spanish into practice – while also gaining a knowledge and understanding of other Spanish speaking cultures.


Knowing that today’s children will eventually work in a highly technical world, we believe in exposing children to technology at a very early age. Our faculty fosters an atmosphere that encourages exploration, creativity and involvement in real world projects. Technology is integrated into the curriculum and taught as a separate subject. 1:1 iPad/Macbook integration allows ongoing interaction between children while they solve problems and share ideas.


The Lillian A. and George L. Clarke Library provides students and faculty resources and services for learning, entertainment and curriculum enhancement. Each student comes to the library weekly, and students select and check out books and have a story time or a lesson. We host literary events during the school year, such as our fall and spring book fairs with Family Nights.

Extra Curricular

SCES offers students opportunities for after school activities to develop physically and academically in a team setting. Archery, Golf, Cross Country, PSIA, Band, Destination Imagination, and Scripps Spelling Bee are programs available to our students.

Creative Care

SCES offers Creative Care, an in-house after school care program, until 5:30 pm on our campus. Creative Care offers contract care, as well as, drop in. Students that have not been picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal will be taken to Creative Care and will be charged the daily drop in rate. Creative Care is only available for students enrolled at SCES.